Dawn Ehman is a certified Instructor by the American Council on Exercise, Yogafit and Crossfit Endurance Training. She completed her 200 RYT Vinyasa Flow with Rachel Wilson from Om My Yoga. She also owns a stand up Paddleboard business - OC SUP & Fitness that offers SUP yoga, SUP fitness classes,  lessons, rentals, kids SUP camps as well as hosting races. She has been teaching SUP yoga- FLOWGA for 5 years and also teaches a variety of programs- Bootcamp, Spinning, Yoga, Strength Training, BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, Athletic Conditioning, Step, Kickboxing, Fitness for Teens and Zumba. She has trained a wide range of participants from the Baltimore Ravens to the youth market and extensive experience with sport specific training. Dawn is an accomplished endurance athlete and has completed several triathlons and marathons, including the Boston, New York City and Baltimore marathon. She has also introduced and tested exercise products to the market that are sold internationally.


Kate has been leading fitness classes throughout Annapolis for the last eighteen years and is the owner of  sunriseSUP– a Stand Up Paddleboarding business providing SUP Yoga, fitness, lessons, rentals, kid’s camps and group events since 2013.  She is 200 E-RYT, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Master Trainer, PaddleFit Level 2 Instructor certified by the World Paddle Association for Water Safety, and a lululemon SUP Yoga Ambassador.  She has trained children, exercise enthusiasts and athletes in Stand Up Paddleboarding, Yoga, Triathlon skills, core strength, cardio conditioning, endurance and flexibility; she has coached group training for beginner triathlon, master swim programs and youth fitness and SUP camps during the summer. Kate competes in SUP racing, Triathlon and running events. 

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Cristella has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering it joys and benefits in 1998 while living in her home state of California.   She discovered how much of a positive impact her practice had on her life both mentally and physically as it helped her get through many of life’s challenges. 

She chose to share her passion and practice with others. She completed her Yin Yang YTT 200 hour with Tina Lanzoni at Evolutions in Annapolis, Maryland in 2016. She seeks to pass on her compassion, knowledge and practice with her students through her teaching of breath and movement.  She hopes to provide students with a space of comfort and a class that leaves them feeling balanced both in body and mind. She hopes to leave you feeling strong and stress free.

Cristella currently teaches all levels of yoga classes, Yin-Yang yoga, Yin Yoga, YogaSculpt, and FlowGa Yoga on Stand Up Paddle Boards. She also leads an annual retreat every summer to Italy.


HOW I START MY DAY: Meditation and reading my devotional

LET’S DO THIS: Dive the Great Barrier Reef

ANIMAL COMPANION Luna, a valley bulldog

INSPIRE ME: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you imagined.”- Henry David Thoreau

FOREVER ON REPEAT: Just like heaven - The Cure

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Shara grew up locally in Davidsonville, Maryland. She is married and has 2 beautiful spirited young children. Her love of helping others continued her journey through Nursing School and has been a Women's & Children's Registered Nurse since 2008. She often wondered how she could combine her love of Nursing with another aspect in her life. Therefore, In 2016, Shara completed her RYT 200hr training at Ruah in Annapolis MD. Since then she has received her certifications as a Mindfulness Instructor, Flowga, World Paddling Association level 1, & Trauma Informed YTT 50hrs. Shara loves to embrace what the breathe has to offer. She continuously is researching on the scientific evidence aspect, as well as the emotional and spiritual . She then loves to deliver this to her community. She simply allows the breathe to unite the body, mind, soul & spirit.

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HOW I START MY DAY: a hot cup coffee, deep breathe, & a dance party

FOREVER ON REPEAT: Green Mountain State - Trevor Hall

ADVICE: A good laugh can change ones whole day

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Laura began teaching Group Fitness in 1986 and has taught yoga since 1999. Laura is a Prana Flow® Yoga Instructor, studying vinyasa yoga with Maria Garre and Shiva Rea since 2007. Her practice and teaching reflect her passion for cultivating a sense of balance in life, with movement, stillness, clarity, practical physical strength, flexibility and compassion. Time off the mat is dedicated to her family, coaching swimming and trail running.


I have been practicing yoga since my 20’s. As a lifelong athlete and runner, yoga was a way to get a good stretch in on my off days from the gym. However, after the birth of my first daughter, Sloan, I struggled heavily with postpartum depression and anxiety. Pair that with an infant that never slept and cried constantly, I was in a very bad way. In an effort to improve my mental headspace and get a mental break, I began attending yoga classes nearly daily. My teacher, Tina Lanzoni opened my eyes to yoga in a whole new way.

I learned to breathe, like REALLY breathe.
I learned to reflect, rather than react.
I learned to listen to my body in new ways
and bonus, I found strength in my body like never before.

Yoga was changing me and as I began to trust it’s process I was able to be a better mother, wife, daughter and friend. I decided within that year that I would move forward with my 200-hour Yin-Yang Teacher Training.

Since the completion of my training in 2015, I have been teaching at YogaVibez Studios in Edgewater, MD. Teaching has brought on a whole new level of love to my practice. Watching a brand new student enter the studio for the first time, see them slowly evolve, have breakthroughs and see the joy yoga brings to them makes my heart so incredibly full.

I believe in this practice. I believe it can change your life. I believe that if you trust the process, yoga can bring unimaginable love and light into your life.

I am also a Lifestyle Newborn and Birth Photographer. If I am not running around with my camera in hand or breaking a sweat at the studio, you can find me chasing my two wild ones, Sloan (6) and Gemma (2) and driving my super patient and loving husband absolutely mad. I am passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and eating clean to the best of my ability. I love sharing this passion with others and encouraging them to do the same.

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To Brit, yoga allows herself to consciously evolve into a more aware human being. “Yoga allows me to slow the hell down from my thoughts and quiet my mind into only one singular focus, which has always been the challenge for me.” Brit brings this same method to her students’ own empowering journey; “Eliminate your distractions by becoming so emmersed into your yoga.”Brit encourages students to find rest when needed and to be inspired to push further when your body calls for it. A dedicated student to her own practice and evolution, “I realized my asana yoga practice was only the beginning of my life being enveloped by yoga. It is what I was looking for all along, a dedication, a strong physical journey into something that goes so much deeper than surface level. Yoga has changed my way of thinking, created a more thoughtful way to approach all aspects of my life.” 

When taking Brit’s class you are guaranteed to feel heat and hear loud music that links you to your movement; “Music sets the tone for every class sequence we enter into together.”


FOREVER ON REPEAT: Space Oddity - David Bowie


INSPIRE ME: “Your life does matter. It always matters whether you reach out in friendship or lash out in anger. It always matters whether you live with compassion and awareness or whether you succumb to distractions and trivia. It always matters how you treat other people, how you treat animals, and how you treat yourself. It always matters what you do. It always matters what you say. And it always matters what you eat.” - John Robbins

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Carley began practicing yoga after finding about a dance injury when she was 19 years old. Originally, she was drawn to the dance-like movements of the postures, and soon began to appreciate yoga for the union that it creates. Carley has been teaching yoga since 2013, and looks forward to teaching for many more years to come!

LET’S DO THIS: See the Northern Lights


HOW I START MY DAY: Waking up before the sun and enjoying coffee snuggled up with my pip


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Fred retired from the Coast Guard in 2013 after 22 years of honorable service, working primarily in law enforcement. He was introduced to yoga in 2008, 2 years into his recovery from alcoholism and trauma, and was immediately drawn to the inner stillness and peace he began to feel. Fred is committed to being of service helping empower others find their own sense of inner peace and stillness and cultivate a more positive relationship to one’s own body through yoga.

Fred’s yoga teacher trainings include a 200hr at Ruah Yoga, 300hr in Prana Vinyasa, the 300hr Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F) program, Yoga of 12-Step Recovery, Mindful Yoga Therapy, and Yin Yoga. Fred encourages students to have their own experience by focusing on their breath and allowing the movement meditation of yoga to ground them in the present moment.

Fred also serves as the MD Area Manager for the Veterans Yoga Project, a national non-profit organization.

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Tortoise, slow and steady
GOOD READS: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
INSPIRE ME: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Mahatma Gandhi 
LET’S DO THIS: Motorcycle through Iceland

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Jen grew up in Alaska and served in the Army for eight years working in law enforcement. She was introduced to yoga when she moved to Maryland six years ago and fell in love with the practice. She graduated from the University of Maryland in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and is currently working toward her Master of Science in Yoga Therapy. Jen hopes to utilize yoga to help Veterans suffering with PTSD, individuals suffering with addiction, and those with physical disabilities.

Jen completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in August 2017 through CorePower Yoga. She later received 50 hours of Yogasculpt and Yin training and became a certified Flowga teacher. She enjoys utilizing her knowledge of the body to educate individuals on proper alignment (through hands on assists and verbal cuing) and to empower individuals into their own authentic practice. She also adores cheerleading her students into pushing past mental barriers in order to find their true strength in their practice.

Jen lives in the Annapolis area with her spouse, pack of dogs, and three cats. She enjoys practicing yoga, running, hiking, paddle boarding, and volunteering at the SPCA of Anne Arundel County.

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GOOD READS: Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver

GOOD SMELLS: Anchor by Doterra

ANIMAL COMPANION: 5 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats, I also foster for the AACSPCA

LET’S DO THIS: Own more land, live in the middle of nowhere, and save more animals

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Angelique completed her 200hr YTT in 2018 through the Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. Her intention is to assist students in finding freedom on their mat, honoring their practice where it is each day. With a background in health and wellness, she believes in the true power of yoga to nourish the mind and body. She encourages students to connect with their own unique rhythm, allowing that innate energy to guide each movement when they arrive on their mat. Angelique teaches a variety of formats from restorative through to a powerful vinyasa flow. She also teaches SUP Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and is a Reiki Energy Healer. 

When she’s not on her mat, Angelique is out on her paddleboard, hiking, or hanging on her houseboat in Annapolis. She is grateful everyday to have the opportunity to share the yoga practice, and is thrilled to continue learning from her students and teachers each day.

GOOD SMELLS: My first cup of coffee every morning

FOREVER ON REPEAT: Give me one reason - Tracy Chapman

LET’S DO THIS: Traveling through the Greek Islands for as long as possible

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Tara began teaching fitness classes in 2013. Along with her teaching yoga Tara teaches, SUP Yoga and Barre. She believes in the power of the mind-body connection, positivity, and that practicing self-care can be life-changing. She will often pull from her background as a holistic health coach to create a truly integrative experience that will move your body, nourish your soul, and inspire wellness off the mat as well.

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Karen started practicing yoga as a means of recovery after running races. In 2012, an illness brought running to an abrupt stop. Karen turned to yoga to help her heal. Quickly learning there was much more to yoga than the physical benefits. Yoga helped Karen heal her body, mind and spirit.

Wanting to learn more, she completed her 200hr YTT through Rebecca Sirman Yoga at Yogavibez Edgewater this past February, 2019.

Karen is excited to share with others all the benefits of yoga. And to help spread the word that it’s not just physical movement we benefit from, but the movement of our minds and breath that awaken our soul.

Off the mat, Karen is a preschool teacher and enjoys her family, time on the water and running again.


Climb Machu Picchu
Lucy, my Labradoddle, that now lives in my heart.

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Maureen received her yoga training in vinyasa flow from Rebecca Sirman at Yogavibez, Edgewater, Maryland. She also completed the Children’s Yoga Teacher Training at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine. Maureen has been a speech/language pathologist for over 30 years. She is also a Bowen Associate Instructor and has extensive training in cranio-sacral therapy. Her passion for yoga and working with children came together during her yoga teacher training. Since this training, she has taught yoga classes to children with special needs and sees the true value in bringing this practice to children in a fun and interactive manner. Maureen’s own journey with yoga has been one to assist with her own fitness and well being. She welcomes the opportunity to share in other’s journeys with yoga while teaching vinyasa flow classes.


Sara began practicing yoga regularly just 18 months ago, at a time in her life where she was in need of transformative change. The more she practiced, the more her love of yoga grew. She followed sage advice of a yoga mentor of hers, and kept coming. That led her to 200 hour teacher training, where she thought of just deepening her personal practice, but it did, in fact, lead her to begin teaching. She is grateful for the community she has found because of yoga, and is excited to further her training. She loves the connections she makes with students who take her classes, and loves sharing in the fact that we have more similarities than differences, especially on our mats!


JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Pez dispensers - since I was a kid

LET’S DO THIS: Safari.

ANIMAL COMPANIONS: Two dogs, two Maine Coon cats, one horse, one duck, one rooster, and nine hens

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After having her second child in 2010, Chevon felt a strong desire to find a holistic and spiritual approach in balancing the physical and mental everyday demands of motherhood, work and marriage. In her spare time, she discovered and began practicing tai chi which then introduced her to the art of yoga and meditation. After obtaining her BS in Psychology in 2015, Chevon aspired to use her spiritual gifts and mental wellness studies in assisting others on their journeys to holistic enlightenment. Chevon has since completed her 200 hour training in 2019 in Annapolis, MD. She has also received her Buti certification. Chevon enjoys teaching Vinyasa, linking movement to breath for both adults and children. She spends her days mentoring students on steps to connect to their higher self through the art of self-awareness, moving meditation, sound therapy and energy tools. Her style is known to be super soulful and fun, creating flows accessible to all. In her free time, Chevon enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and climbing trees.

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MUST READ: “Love without conditions” - Paul Ferrini

HOW I START MY DAY: Tea, bed yoga, and reading

LET’S DO THIS: Visit as many countries and meet as many people along this spiritual journey as possible.

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