Dawn Ehman is a certified Instructor by the American Council on Exercise, Yogafit and Crossfit Endurance Training. She completed her 200 RYT Vinyasa Flow with Rachel Wilson from Om My Yoga. She also owns a stand up Paddleboard business - OC SUP & Fitness that offers SUP yoga, SUP fitness classes,  lessons, rentals, kids SUP camps as well as hosting races. She has been teaching SUP yoga- FLOWGA for 5 years and also teaches a variety of programs- Bootcamp, Spinning, Yoga, Strength Training, BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, Athletic Conditioning, Step, Kickboxing, Fitness for Teens and Zumba. She has trained a wide range of participants from the Baltimore Ravens to the youth market and extensive experience with sport specific training. Dawn is an accomplished endurance athlete and has completed several triathlons and marathons, including the Boston, New York City and Baltimore marathon. She has also introduced and tested exercise products to the market that are sold internationally.

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A true athlete, personal trainer, massage therapist, and nutritional fanatic, Laurel Harrington brings a unique set of skills to the YogaVibez team.  She received her Personal Training Certificate in 2011 from the World Instructor Training School.  Fascinated with the musculoskeletal system of the human body she went on to pursue her License in Massage Therapy, athletic stretch training, YogaFit certification, and surf specific training.  While in massage school she began to integrate her in depth knowledge of muscles/movement into her training sessions.  During this time her perspective of exercising shifted from solely strength training to functional/cross training.  She now combines full body movements, core strength, stability, agility, power and endurance for her clients to get the most out of their sessions.  She is currently completing a bachelor degree in Complementary and Alternative Health, graduating January 2015.  She believes true health is a balance of the mind, body, and spirit; exercises/fitness being vital in maintaining this balance.  She looks forward to meeting and working with everyone she crosses paths with.  She requests, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!    


 While on a journey of self healing, Alana found the balance she desired between mind, body, and spirit, through her yoga practice. This new path gave her the opportunity to flourish while exploring her own boundaries and strengths. Alana sees yoga as a source of empowerment, requiring both dedication and patience. She embraces her yoga practice the same way she embraces life, every day will be unlike the last so be fully present in the now. Alana completed her 200- hour Teacher Training Certification in 2014 under the instruction of Kim Manfredi, at Charm City Yoga in Baltimore, MD. Bringing energy and cheerfullness to the mat, Alana   encourages her students to quiet the mind and link breath to movement in order to find their edge. Her classes inspire self awareness and growth through postures, the control of energy and breath work. Always a beach kid at heart, Alana grew up locally and continues to call Ocean City home. When she isn't guiding her students in their yoga practice, Alana is adventuring around town with her Chiweenie, Maximilian.



    I graduated from Frog Lotus International Yoga Training in November of 2012, under the direction of Vidya Heisel, E-RYT 500.  My training took place in the Costa Rican rain forest at the beautiful Goddess Gardens retreat in Cauhita. I fell in love with the serenity and simplicity of Costa Rica and returned later that year. This time for Pilates, Balanced Body Mat 1 & 2 Teacher Training. I have a strong devotion to my personal practice, and I am excited aid anyone else who wants to make Yoga a part of their journey. I love Yoga because there are no shortcuts. It takes patience and dedication, but its benefits exceedingly worthwhile. 


My name is Leigh Biggerman and I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. As a former Division I athlete, I appreciate the true meaning of dedication, motivation and passion for fitness and life in general. I specialize in bootcamp, strength and core type classes, but have recently been heavily involved in Standup Paddleboard. I've been competing in races for the past year and can honestly say I've paddled with some world class athletes. some of which live locally. I would like to share my knowledge and passion for this sport and other mind/body classes with you. "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten" - Anthony Robbins


Colleen is certified in Pilates through the American Aerobic Association and International Sports Medicine Association & also CPR certified. She has been in the fitness industry for 15 years and grew up with a passion for exercise and nutrition. Played softball and soccer all of her teen years and found a passion for Pilates soon after. " I love the way Pilates lengthens my muscles and makes me feel stronger and leaner." She also teaches cardio kickboxing classes. "I love pushing my classes to the limit!" She loves to walk the boardwalk every morning from end to end while the sun is coming up. I also love boating, paddle boarding; and fishing. I am the happiest when I am surrounded by water and family and friends.



    I began practicing yoga in 2002. I was given a yoga DVD after being hospitalized, in hopes that I could get my strength back. After several months I was physically stronger than I had ever been. I continued to practice at home for quite some time. When I moved out of New York to Ocean City I lost the DVD and stopped my practice. Shortly after moving to Ocean City I found BodyFlow, a blend of yoga, tai chi and Pilates, and attained my certification. I realized I had found a way to be myself, and still share my love of the physical benefits of yoga. The more time I spent teaching it, the more I realized I wanted to learn more. I started to crave more yoga in my life. And so I began my journey towards my 200 hour certification through Om My Yoga Academy, and I am on track to finish this phase of my yoga-education journey this June! As I have studied, I have been surprised to find a deep connection to the spiritual and philosophical side of yoga. It has really helped to approach my life differently, to be more positive and appreciate the little things. I am beginning to understand that life is a journey and that you really need to take everything one day at a time. The more I learn, the more I want to share with others. I tend to be on the silly side when I teach, sharing new things in little pieces. I find that laughter makes the world go round, even on the mat. My goal is to help everyone let go of all judgement and truly enjoy your time on the mat. 


 Three years ago, I committed to running my first half marathon on a dare with myself.  This was the first time I was going to do anything athletically challenging and I was sure I was not going to finish the process.  What I discovered about myself during those two months was life changing.  I worked harder than I thought I was capable, studied nutrition and the science of my body, and learned about cross training, the importance of rest, and for the first time ever, I saw muscle tone. I had discovered a new lifestyle, more like a Religion, and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. My love for all things "Cardio'" led me to a Spinning Certification in 2011, where I discovered a passion for teaching.  Watching ordinary people do extraordinary things, finding their undiscovered strength, is something truly heartwarming. And to have a small part in someone's mind/body journey is an honor. I am working towards my 200 RYT certification and am Level One Certified through Yogafit. In my classes, you can expect a light, easy approach with lots of direction and options for more advanced Yoga Students. I love lots of flow, upbeat music and encourage laughter and humor. A very wise person told me many years ago, "I will die trying". I have lived by those words ever since. Try, you never know what you might discover!  I hope to see you on the Mat. 




    I discovered a passion for movement at a young age in local ballet classes and eventually trained at Baltimore School for the Performing Arts. Like many people, I went to my first yoga class( 12 years ago) as a way to tone my body. However it wasn't until ten years later when I took my first teacher training that I realized how much I wanted and needed yoga in my life. It has changed the way I experience the world and interact with others. During this journey I have trained with YogaFit and currently with Rachel Wilson of Om My Yoga Academy. During class I will guide you through poses in a safe, fun yet challenging way. I believe that through proper alignment, patience and an open heart and mind a person (of any age) has so much to gain from practicing yoga. It only takes practice. Think of it this way, if we could do everything immediately what fun would it be to keep coming to the mat? My favorite quote is “be the tortoise not the hare, slow and steady wins the race.”  In June, upon completion of my teacher training I will be certified by Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200. But my thirst for knowledge is never ending and my practice will always be evolving. Yoga is a never ending journey that I am excited to share with you.  I hope to meet you on the mat soon.

| Daina Behe |

As a lifelong athlete, Daina has always been interested in learning and teaching fitness related activities. She has studied and participated in many styles of dance, as well as yoga, barre, Pilates, aerial fitness and competitive horseback riding. Nutrition is a passion for her, and she has helped many clients modify their eating habits gradually to create a lifelong change. Whether the client is just beginning their journey along the path to health or is a seasoned athlete, Daina can work with the individual's needs and goals. Daina is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach, as well as a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Sports and Exercise Nutritionist, an American Aerobic Association and International Sports Medicine Association certified Level 2 Pilates instructor, a 200-Hour PoleMoves instructor and a certified FlyGym instructor. She is first aid and CPR certified through the American Red Cross, and is always continuing her studies. 

| Kelli Anders |

I first came to my mat in 1997 as a result of my introduction to Surat Shabd Yoga, a spiritual practice followed in the Sant Mat tradition. While the focus is on Light & Sound meditation, the tenets of this path include Asana (the physical postures, designed to prepare the body to sit longer in meditation), Ahimsa (the practice of non-violence in thought, word and deed), Ethical Living and Introspection.
An active student of A Course in Miracles, I am fascinated with Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Collective Consciousness (the idea that we are all connected, we are all ONE), the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, Energy Work and Food as Medicine. I channel my perception of Divine guidance into my Holistic Business & Success Coaching to help Mompreneurs manifest the growth and results they deeply desire, in business and in life.
A native of Baltimore, I completed a 200-Hr Teacher Training with Kim Manfredi of Charm City Yoga in 2011. I moved to the shore in August 2013. When not on my mat, or walking my 2 Goldens (Graham & Cracker), you might find me paddle boarding with my husband or cheering sideline at one of my son’s sports activities.


    My yoga journey began several years ago taking a few classes at a local gym, then gradually developed into a regular practice at the studio and soon grew into a passion that I knew I wanted to explore further.  In Spring 2014, I started my training through Yoga Fit and am excited to further pursue my 200 hour teacher training this fall and winter with Dimitra Yoga in Lewes, DE.  Off the mat, I try to spread my love of reading (and yoga..during our "brain breaks") to students at Buckingham Elementary School in Berlin, MD where I am a Reading Specialist. I love the outdoors and spend as much time as I can enjoying nature on the water or taking a road trip to find some mountains.  


Jared began practicing hot yoga in the fall of 2010. Upon leaving his first class he instantly fell in love with yoga asana and philosophy. From then on out he began to establish his own hot yoga practice. Jared began his teaching journey with Om My Yoga Teaching Academy, receiving his 200-Hr RYT certification in June 2013. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biology with a concentration in Psychology from Frostburg State University in 2008. Jared completed his Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work at West Virginia University in 2010. Jared is involved in counseling both adult and adolescents in the area. He specializes in trauma-focused therapy and dialectic behavior therapy and has worked with teenagers for the past five years. His passion for yoga bleeds over into his counseling practice allowing him to provide his clients with mindful practices, focused breathing, meditation, and self-appreciation. Self-empowerment, awareness, and love influence each of Jared's yoga classes, giving his asana practice a unique therapeutic spin.


| Rebecca Sirman |

Rebecca recently moved to Ocean City from Baltimore. She swam for Washington College while earning her bachelors degree in psychology, and went on to earn a masters degree in school psychology at the University of Delaware.  She began practicing yoga as a way to increase flexibility after years of competitive swimming, triathlons, and marathon running.  After noticing improvements in her health, energy levels, happiness, and general well-being, Rebecca decided she wanted to share the positive impact of yoga with others. She believes that yoga can be beneficial for every person at every age, and strives to create an atmosphere in her class where each person can feel comfortable exploring their own individual practice. She earned her 200 hour teaching certificate with Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga, and previously taught at Charm City Yoga in Baltimore.

| Mariah Records |

Mariah Records started teaching fitness classes in 2006. She holds a group fitness certification with American Fitness Professionals of America and also a Mat I Pilates certification. Mariah began practicing yoga 10 years ago and did not understand the alignment or the philosophy at the time. Over the years, she stuck with it, trying various styles during her travels. She learned to love and deeply appreciate the asanas, the movement, and the mental centering and freedoms. She is studying with Dimitra Kotanides at Dimitra Yoga in Lewes, DE for her 200 RYT.

| Nicole Cookingham |

My journey with yoga began about 4 years ago, taking classes at the local gym, then while enrolled at Salisbury University I took yoga as a credit class. During that semester I fell in love with yoga and it helped me get through some stressful times. After that I began exploring yoga even further, making it a part of my daily life for a few years. I knew this was something I wanted to share so I thought about becoming an instructor, so about a year later I enrolled in the Fall/ Winter YTT-200 program with Dimitra Yoga in Lewes, DE which I will be finished with in Jan. 2015. Off the mat, I am currently a returning student and bartender in the area, I also have a great passion for horses and I train ex racehorses to give them a second career. I would love to one day bring yoga into the horse world. I look forward to meeting all of you on your mats and being part of your yoga journey. Namaste’



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