At YogaVibez we offer a space that was born out of respect, non judgement, and forgiveness of oneself. Our belief is that yoga should be accessible to everyone, and our goal is to build a strong yoga community. We are committed to offering a calm and inviting environment that encourages freedom of exploration and self discovery. Together we can create and spread good vibez.


Room intensely heated to create an energetic and fiery vibe.


This class is an all level mind body adventure incorporating  Asanas, breathing and mindfulness for a complete yoga experience. Sculpt a leaner, stronger body while releasing stress and fatigue.


This class is designed for new students or for seasoned students wanting to reinforce the foundation of their Yoga practice. A light flow class focusing on the basic yoga elements and foundations of alignment. 


This all level flow class aims to deepen your practice by harnessing the power of music. Breathe to the beat and get funky!


Exactly as it sounds. This class is a power class that will focus on building strength and stability to push you to your personal edge through a series of Vinyasa  flow and a mix of the most effective core-focused exercises from all fitness disciplines.


This class will focus on the core as the “origin of power” to fuel movement to the rest of the body. Hot Pilates allows muscles to lengthen and tone faster, focuses on breathing, increases balance and flexibility, improves posture, and gives a full body workout



Room lightly heated to create a warm and cozy vibe.


If you are looking to improve your balance and/or heighten your awareness or just to change up your routine this is the class for you. Flow yoga on an Indoboard. This class will challenge your stability, focus and presence in various poses and you will feel more grounded the next time that you flow on your mat or more prepared for Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga(Flowga).


This class will take it one step at a time. Clear instructions and modifications will be provided as will space in time between poses to allow your body to relax and recover. We will emphasize body awareness, increase joint mobility and coordinate breathe with movement.


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