Yogavibez & Yoloha Challenge...Yoga on....and OFF the Mat 2015

Are my heels touching in downdog?? Is my crow flying high enough??  My hamstrings are too tight for this!!  Sound familiar?? Of course we all can get caught up defining our yoga practice as asanas or postures, but  pausing for a moment to reflect and remember that yoga is a practice and a lifestyle, not simple a pose is so important and vital to helping us grow as yogis.  To help us reconnect with our full yoga practice, Yogavibez  & Yoloha invites you to participate in a 30 day challenge, "Yoga on...and OFF the Mat."  Each day from March 16th-April 15th a "word of the day"  will be featured on Yogavibez's & Yolohas Instagram account and we want to see your interpretation of that word!  How does it make you feel?  What does it mean to you?  We invite you to reflect on the word in the morning and carry it with you weaving it into your day, and revisit it again at night.  Post your interpretation of the word on Instagram sometime throughout the day by 9:00 pm.  Use the hashtag #yogaonandoffthemat2015 and tag our hosts and sponsors @yogavibez and @yolohayoga.  Your interpretation is  anything that speaks to you.. from a journal entry or quote, to a scenic sunset, to a delicious meal you have prepared, or of course a pose.  Be creative and have fun but most importantly be mindful of ways we can incorporate yoga into our lives every single day.  Participate everyday for chances to win awesome prizes including a customized Yoloha mat and a Yogavibez shirt and one month membership.  Help spread positive yoga- vibez by spreading the word!!!

Use the hashtag #yogaonandoffthemat2015 and tag our hosts and sponsors @yogavibez and @yolohayoga

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